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If you're ever searched for a topic or interest on Twitter, and found a good chunk of relevant people - why not automate the process? Collect a list of Twiter users that are related to topics you're interested in.

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Twitter Username Photo Full Name Followers Description
eagereyes Robert Kosara 19036 (Data visualization and visual storytelling) Research scientist at Tableau. Recovering academic. Runner. Blog feed at @eagereyes_feed.
jcukier Jerome Cukier 7874 data visualization person at @uber. huge fan of boylan cola and nyt crosswords.
GabbyGiffords Gabrielle Giffords 250616 Proudly served Arizona's 8th District in the United States Congress 2007-2012. Co-founded @GiffordsCourage. Married to @ShuttleCDRKelly.
WaltHickey Walter Hickey 20140 Previously: Chief Culture Writer @FiveThirtyEight, @BusinessInsider, and @WilliamAndMary. walt at
justinbieber Justin Bieber 104276630 Let's make the world better. Join me on @bkstg at 'justinbieber'. PURPOSE OUT NOW

How it Works

  • Select a list of interests or topics
  • Create a list of relevant Twitter users

About Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets".

What data do I get?

Twitter returns names, usernames, follower counts, listed counts, favorites counts, verified, statuses counts, URL, location, picture, description, and more.


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