Developers Who Fave a Repo using Github

Maybe you're doing a bit of recruiting. Or you're trying to launch a product related to an open-source project. Either way - how do you find the right folks to connect with? Collect a list of developers that have faved a set of repositories -- right from Github!

Repo URL

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Full Name Email Image Company Name Is Hireable
Leonardo Cabral Daitan Group True
Billy Coover Nearby Now True
Jeffrey Heer University of Washington, Trifacta Inc. False
Erik Ziegler @RadicalImaging False
liangchao True

How it Works

  • Select a list of Github repositories
  • Choose how many developers to pull from each faves list
  • Create a fully enriched list of Github profiles

About Github

GitHub Inc. is a web-based social network for software developers, providing a hosting service for version control using Git. It is mostly used for computer code.

What data do I get?

Github gets you names, emails, companies, locations, bios, Github profile start date, personal website, whether they're searching for new jobs, and more.


Each search with Github is free with a subscription to Blockspring Lists.

You get 1k credits free per month with your subscription to Blockspring Lists. You can buy more anytime at $10 per 1k credits.


You'll want to make sure you're not making more than 5000 lookups per hour.