Instagram Lookup Using Embedly

Have a list of Instagram accounts and need to get their profile counts? This enrichment uses Embedly to search across Instagram and get account stats.

Instagram Username

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Name Follower Count Post Count Following Count Image
Selena Gomez 140.4m 1454 35
Kim Kardashian West 115.6m 4463 113
Kylie 113.2m 5567 129
Cristiano Ronaldo 139m 2325 420
Ariana Grande 125.1m 3557 1359

How it Works

  • Select a list of Instagram usernames
  • Create a list of Instagram profiles for each person using Embedly

About Embedly

Embedly delivers the ultra-fast, easy to use products and tools for richer sites and apps.

What data do I get?

Embedly searches Instagram and retrieves names, profile image, follower counts, following counts, and post counts.


Each lookup with Embedly is 2 credit. You are charged even if Embedly is unable to find results.

You get 1k credits free per month with your subscription to Blockspring Lists. You can buy more anytime at $10 per 1k credits.


No limitations. Search Embedly as much as you want per month. Data is pulled in realtime via Embedly.